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Tosen IWASAKI is a japanese Artist

Title : The Twelve Ecliptic Constellations with Kepler's First Law

The composition of this calligraphy work is similar to the astronomical chart written on the wall of the ancient Kitora tomb, located in the village of Asuka, Nara prefecture, Japan.

The three larger circles are formed with the twelve ecliptic constellations, written in both Japanese and English, and the astrological houses.

The central circle consists of the ruling planets of the constellations.

Finally, on top of this all, there is the formula of Kepler's First Law of planetary motion, written with diluted ink.

1959 Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo

1963 Started Japanese Calligraphy at four

1981 Graduated Sophia University

Now Member of "ARTEC"

        Member of "Artship International"

        Member of "Sankei Sho Association"

        Member of "Tokyo Ten"

        Member of "Shinjuku-ku Shodo Federation"

        Head of "Dokoka Japanese Calligraphy Class"

Solo Exhibition

2016 Teramachi Museum, Yanaka, Tokyo

2014 Gallery Bricolage, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2013 UNESCO Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania(by invitation of the Japanese embassy in Lithuania)

2012 Gallery Bricolage, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2011 Gallery Bricolage, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Group Exhibition

2017 "ARTEC exhibition" Chouzy, France

         "KOKORO JAPAN"  Salle royale de la Madeleine, Paris(as a main artist)

         "Sankei Sho Exhibition" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno, Tokyo(yeary since 2007)

         "Tokyo Ten" Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Ueno, Tokyo(yeary since 2013)

         "Shohou Gakuin Exhibition" Ginza, Tkyo(yeary since 1996)

2016 "KOKORO JAPAN" Museo Michelangelo, Caprese, Italy

         "YAMATO, le printemps du Japon" Tours, France

         "Salon de Printemps ARTEC" Musee Espace Matra, France

         "ARTEC exhibition" Chouzy, France

         "Salon International du Portrait" Chateau de Saint Jean Blanc, France

2015 "Artexpo New York" New York

         "NOIR et BLANC" Maison de la culture de Japan, Paris

         "Swaying in July(with Korean Artists)" Yanaka, Tokyo

         "ARTEC exhibition" Chouzy, France

         "KOKORO JAPAN" Salle royale de la Madeleine, Paris

         "Salon Hispano-Frances de otono" Ayuntamiento de Valdeolmos-Alalpardo, Madrid, Spain


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PARIS - DECEMBER 18, 2017 / JANUARY 6, 2018


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